Smaller Titanic Graves
"nearer my God to Thee"

Baron de Hirsch






Here you will find pictures of the smaller Titanic Graves in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The graves can be found at three different cemeteries. 121 are found at the Protestant Fairview Lawn Cemetery, 19 are found at the Catholic Mount Olivet Cemetery and 10 are located at Baron de Hirsch, a Jewish cemetery. Baron de Hirsch is not open to the public. Appointments must be made to visit and they do not like pictures to be taken and would like a "donation" to help keep up the graves. I tried to get an appointment a while back but it fell through. Therefore, the picture above is what I have and you can go to the Baron link to see more. Thought to be Jewish, the graves are Michael Navratil NO.15, Fredrick H. Wormald NO.144, Unknown Man NO.78, Unknown Man NO.136, Unknown Man NO.214, Unknown Man NO.248, Unknown Man NO.264, Unknown Man NO.278, Unknown Man NO.289, Unknown Man NO.291.

As far as I can tell, I'm the only person with a full set of pictures of all the graves newly refurbished in 1999. These pictures are for sharing, so you have my permission to download them for personal, non-commercial use and to post on your own websites, just give me credit and place a link to where you got them please. These are not thumbnails as you can read the names.

Fairview Lawn Cemetery
























If you would like to know more about these people,
visit Encyclopedia Titanica to search their names. 
They have done extensive research on everything Titanic.

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in Fairview Lawn Cemetery

Still want more Titanic?

Click the title below to read my personal, emotional, journal written when Three Titanic Bodies were Exhumed in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2001 later identifying the Unknown Child after a surprising DNA retest in 2007. The family of Sidney Leslie Goodwin contacted me and thanked me when they found this diary.
I was floored to say the least.

Three Unknown Titanic Bodies
Exhumed in Halifax

Click the title below to read my Titanic Research webpage and the discovery I made with two crew members with the same name STONE, proving that the wrong name is on grave NO. 243 E. J. Stone.

Titanic Research
Two Stone Crew Members


Titanic Graves 95th Anniversary
Video & Pictures


Here is my 100th Anniversary video pretty much the same as the other one.
You may have to click again to watch it on YouTube because of copyright.

Titanic Graves 100th Anniversary
Video & Pictures


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